6 UK Wrestling Ones To Watch

Updated: Apr 15

2020 dealt a viscous blow to the entire world and multiple industries; stopping them in their tracks and British Wrestling was no different.

As we move into 2021 and we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the knowledge that shows will soon return in some capacity and performers will once again be able to do what they do best... it’s interesting to highlight just 6 performers, some you will know and some you may not; that for whatever reason we should keep our eyes peeled for what’s in store.

This obviously isn’t an exclusive list, the talent pool is so rich that it would be impossible to narrow everyone down, however this article has been written to share some much needed positivity and highlight 6 individuals that we could very easily see as corner stones of the British Wrestling scene in the coming years post Coronavirus.

Just to note, the aim of this article is to specifically highlight up and coming individuals, well established corner stones of the industry are to be saved for another time as we shine the spotlight on these phenomenal hungry individuals. I also would like to point out that I focused on male performers for this list because I’m going to devote an entire other blog to the phenomenally talented women of the britwres scene soon enough!

So in Alphabetical Order (this isn’t a Top 6) here our just some of The UK Wrestling Scene’s ones to watch:

6. Cassius “The Neon Explosion“

Cassius is a proudly LGBTQ+ Pro Wrestler based in London.

Known as “The Neon Explosion” that tells you all you need to know regarding his brand. If you come to a show with him on the card; you’re going to be left feeling like you’ve been given a bit of glitter in the grey.

Powering up his DDTs with twerks, his fabulous attitude and celebration of who he is warms us.

Former Pride of Brighton and recently announced for the debut show of Pride Pro Wrestling... I can’t wait to see what comes next for Cassius.

Follow his Instagram here:

5. Charles Crowley

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed the carnival, freak shows, old time silent movies and a Pro Wrestler all together in one big wacky (slightly unsettling) cauldron?

Charles Crowley is the answer. Charles is doing something so different right now and it’s a marvel to see. You can tell that he is destined to forge his own path and what better example of this than his 2020 new year film featuring a roster of British Wrestling favourites for one big bash?

“You are Cordially Invited” created such a stir on social media, and at the time of writing has over 6.5K views. you can watch it here:

Follow Charles Crowley’s Instagram here:

4. Jack Bandicoot

Part retro video game character and part Pro Wrestler, that’s the best I could think of to describe Jack Bandicoot. Jack is one of these individuals with “IT“ and there’s just no replacement for him.

The charisma pours out of him and it’s a joy to watch.

I think even more so than everyone on this list, you can tell that Jack loves what he’s doing... even being thrown over the top rope at RISE he always has this beautiful watchability. When a performer is having fun, we are too.

Check out his Instagram here:

3. Jordan Saeed

London based Saeed is another charismatic performer with a striking look and real mean streak. Everything he hits in the ring is crisp and polished which is a delight to see.

Jordan has an ability to never fade into the background. Even in 6 man busy match ups at promotions like London Lucha League he’ll always make his mark which is an unteachable quality.

Jordan will be back with a vengeance come the reintroduction of shows, and I for one cannot wait.

Follow his Instagram here:

2. Reese Ryan

Being his website it would be rude to not include The VIP in this article; however his spot is 100% earned.

Reese’s brand plays on his strengths as a trained actor / performer bringing a clear and modern character to audiences.

His natural charisma and flare allows him to effect a crowd effortlessly as he brings this social media influencer, wannabe reality tv star, deluded self indulgent heel character to life... a great modern take on the heels of old.

I find that Reese has a natural hateability... with his finger on the pulse of pop culture to realise what people want to despise.

You can follow his Instagram here:

1. Tu Byt

I know this isn’t written as a Top 6, but all the same Tu Byt belongs in number 1. He’s another performer with that effortless it factor and a super clear contemporary brand.

Tu Byt captured the BWR Cruiserweight Championship and brought the house down pre pandemic; and I imagine that he’ll only improve with time.

Character and storytelling to such a high level as Tu Byt isn’t always common on the independent circuit, and it only takes watching one showing of Tu Byt to realise he has that down.

With a rough around the edges aestheic and bags of youth and potential (plus a look of someone who could actually have you) Tu Byt is 100% going to go far... and we are all waiting.

Check him out here:

That concludes our Top 6. I hope you enjoyed reading my article. Thank you so very much for your support and love. Thank you to reeseryanbrand for giving me a platform to share my views with you.

Until next time,


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